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About me

Who am I and where do I come from?

As a photographer who has been working in Berlin and the surrounding area for four years, my work benefits from the creative environment of the city where I live. I am curious about the people who come to me and thus lay the foundation for authentic, radiant portraits. In my free time, I usually hang out on rocks and photograph nature, or the people around me. Photography is and always has been my passion.


After graduating from high school, I decided to pursue a specific course of study, which I completed with a Bachelor of Arts degree. I had the opportunity to gain insight into many different types of photography. My bachelor thesis, for example, was about climbing and image design in analogue and digital photography. In this way, I combined several of my interests at once.


I wanted to be creative, to have the opportunity to work according to my ideas and with the wishes of my clients. That's why I went the way of self-employment, where I could finally realise and live out all those ideas that had been on my mind for so long. So I specialised in portraits of couples, families and individuals. I am always eager to learn and discover new things, because that's the only way I can keep developing.


Being photographed is fun and this is confirmed by all those who have already had the pleasure of working with me! It doesn't matter if you're a photo muffle or a supermodel! I look forward to getting to know you!

I Love....!

Fruit Tea



my dog child Murphy

the nature, no matter if sea or forest!

the air when it has rained

occasionally a broccoli evening (Pretty Woman)

Things about me - i Am...

Things about me - i Am...

a morning person

an avid reader

up for any kind of nonsense

infinitely positive & fun-loving

a creative bundle of energy


"There is no such thing as bad weather,

only the wrong clothes."

Canon EOS 600D67.JPG


Photography for me is not about taking pictures per se, the technique or the latest equipment. It's about the deep connection of people, life stories, memories, the beauty of each moment together and the aesthetics of capturing them for you. It's about fun and creativity. I want to laugh, cry, be excited with you and capture every moment for you.

Image by Annie Spratt

Flowers over Diamonds!

I am more happy about flowers and chocolate than about any piece of jewellery or other material things. Flowers just give a special flair to your home. When I need cheering up, I go out and buy a beautiful, colourful bouquet from the flower shop around the corner. When their time is up, I like to dry the flowers, so I always have decorations for "my" shoots for longer periods of time, for example.

Image by Mat Reding

Books &

audio books

Who would have thought that being read to would catch up with me again in my mid-20s? I remember how my sister and I would stay up late at night for Dad to read to us. Last year I rediscovered that feeling and my love of True Crime for the first time. Whether it's with 5minute Harry Podcast or Mordlust. I'm open to everything and always happy about new discoveries.

Image by Aedrian


is quite long, considering that I have only just started writing it. At the top of the list for me in 3 years is living in London. I think that's my city. Living and working there, even if only for a few months a year, is a big dream of mine. In 10 years I want a farm/house on the coast of Puglia. In 2018, I rented a car and went there to see the whole coastal area. Fairytale!


Why climbing?

I started climbing to overcome my fear of heights. At first, it was hardly fun, I was weak and didn't know my way around. There came a point when I wanted to try again, to prove it to myself, and that was over two years ago now. I grew beyond myself and made many friends through the sport, gained more self-confidence, discovered the possibilities and opportunities that climbing can give you and combined the sport with photography.

about me!

5 important things

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